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"Experienced Foundry, Established 1895"

Sandcasting Specialist

Specialist foundry J. Youle & Co Ltd has been a foundry in Rotherham since 1895 when it was established by Joe Youle, the great grandfather of the current Managing Director. The brass foundry was, unusually, based in the middle of Rotherham Town Centre on Corporation Street. Many local people will remember the long queues outside Youle's Foundry for the 69 bus to Sheffield and the steel works in the Don valley. The Brass foundry supplied the coal and steel industries that developed in South Yorkshire throughout the 20th century and continued to operate through both World Wars producing armaments and other castings for the war effort.

The Brass Foundry continued on the same site until 1988, when it moved to a more suitable location on the Eastwood Trading Estate in Rotherham. This enabled the introduction of more efficient and environmentally friendly melting equipment and an enhanced working environment. Since moving into the new premises, the equipment in the foundry has been continually updated to produce the quality of castings we have today.

Over the years the company has developed expertise from specific areas within the industry with the absorption of other companies. In the 1980s, R.J. Pasley Ltd of Sheffield was taken over and brought its expertise as a manufacturer of cast nameplates and signs. This was followed in the '90s by the addition of a Sheffield foundry, ARK Castings, which specialised in larger Aluminium castings. Development of Youle's progressed further with the purchase of foundries in the Leeds area which broadened not only the range of products, but also the range of customers that it supplies.


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