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Custom Casting
Castings that evolve from ideas, through to the finished product.

Classic Cars and Motorbikes

This is a sector that demands high quality and along with our partners in the pattern making area, we can fulfil most requirements for this growing sector. We produce replacement castings or castings for replica vehicles as close to the original as possible. We have experience of casting these components in aluminium and grey iron.

Model Making

We are proud of our involvement in the casting of components for the model making industry. This sector requires detailed castings very often produced from a sample or carved pattern. Although the turnover in this area is small, the castings are usually a bespoke design and one-off, it gives us the opportunity to develop our talents and expertise.

Gas-Oil Industry

This sector has taken over from our traditional coal and steel customers and we supply castings for both lighting and general engineering segments in this sector as both copper-based and aluminium castings.

General Engineering

This sector has formed a major part of Youle’s output in the past and continues to be an important part of our turnover today. Castings in this area are typically bronzes, PB1 being the most usual, but we do produce castings in PB2, LPB1 and other alloys.

Street furniture

Youle’s has a long history of producing castings for this sector. The products produced range from aluminium lamp-posts and bollards to tree-grills and bus-shelter castings.

We do have available our own patterns for the standard sign-arms and a large range of letters in a number of the more popular type-faces. We also make these items to our customer’s own patterns. We include in this sector the nameplates that we produce for a variety of uses in aluminium, gun metal and brass. We also have the availability of painting the signs and nameplates. 


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