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Recent Articles

Copper Casting Foundry, Contributes To 19th Century Model Steam Engines

Stationary Steam Engines were used throughout the 19th Century and into the 20th for producing the power in mills and factories and for pumping and power generation. Some of these engines have been preserved and can be seen in museums throughout the UK. One of the largest in working order is at the Kelham Island [...]

Instructional Video On Brass Casting

A video to show the process of Brass Casting in the Youles Foundry.                 

Alumium Casting Foundry, Contributes To Retro Style Juke Box!

Youle’s Aluminium Casting foundry has been supplying aluminium castings to one particular customer for many years for use in the manufacture of retro styled jukeboxes. The original retro style that they produced was based on the jukeboxes of the 1940s which played the old shellac records at the speed of 78 revs per minute; hence [...]

Youles Foundry Adapt To The Changing Market In ‘Copper Based Castings’

Costs of copper based castings such as brass, gun-metals and bronzes are eventually affected by the price of the copper raw material. The recent volatility of the copper market echoes the current economic conditions in all world markets. Although copper is off the all-time peaks in 2011, it is still at a significant premium to [...]

Metal Prices

All of our copper-based casting customers will have seen huge increases in casting pricing over the last decade based on the raw material costs. Here is a short resume of the extent of the increases and the current position. All pricing for non-ferrous metals are based on the prices established by the London Metal Exchange [...]

Launch of The New Website.

In May 2012 Youle’s are launching a new website that gives a better synopsis of the current company. A major objective has been to capture a picture of the company as it is now and to assist in fulfilling our aspirations for the future. Youle’s has been involved in the production of cast metal components [...]